Florence, the cradle of Humanism and Renaissance, has always been able to generate a rebirth by placing human being, culture and art at the center. Today everyone can become the protagonist of the Renaissance.
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The project

Thanks to the symbolic role of Florence, as the humanistic capital that has always placed the human being and culture at the center, the Renaissance Fund represents the first step in the construction of a real world laboratory of Renaissance, which, starting from Florence, extends to all cities of Italy and the world.

The Fund for Rebirth was created to respond to the economic crisis generated by the post-Covid-19 pandemic and to allow citizens and the whole world to continue to enjoy the greatness of the city of Florence.

It is intended, in particular, for the conservation and maintenance of our artistic and cultural heritage: Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, our many civic museums and our squares, Piazza Signoria, Santa Croce, Santa Maria Novella,to make all these places more usable and accessible, with increasingly stringent organizational measures and to continue organizing exhibitions, events, workshops dedicated to children, initiatives in support of young artists, and the enhancement of craftsmanship. But it will also be destined to the birth of research and training places where to face the new cultural, social, environmental and technological challenges for people and the planet, to make Florence the capital of New Humanism.

The widespread beauty of which the city is rich is not only a privilege of its inhabitants, but a gift made to all humanity by the craftsmen who worked here, from Michelangelo to Leonardo da Vinci to Dante. Everything in Florence, an image, the detail of a work, a thought of a poet, is now part of humanity's spiritual and cultural treasure. And since Florence, which has never stopped giving its knowledge, beauty and genius to the world, is asking today that the world can continue to recognize and give it back.

Florence needs the world because the world needs Florence.

For any information you can contact the offices at the phone number +39 055 2768061 or by sending an email to florencerebirthfund@comune.fi.it

Support the rebirth

  • By credit card
  • By bank transfer
    Account Number 100000300015 Swift Code: BCITITMM
    Payment description: Fondo per la Rinascita - Emergenza Covid-19

To liberal donations, made in the year 2020, in favor of the State, the regions, the local territorial bodies, public bodies or institutions, foundations and associations legally recognized not for profit, aimed at financing the interventions in the field of containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19, tax incentives provided for by art. 66 of the "Cura Italia" Law Decree (Law Decree n.18 of 17 March 2020) are applied.

  • You can also contribute by promoting the "Support the Rebirth" campaign with communication and web marketing activities


The initiative is aimed at all those who love Florence, wherever they are.

 All donors will receive the appointment of "Ambassador of Florence in the world" and their names will be added:

  • to "Register of donors" which will remain in memory in the City's archives;
  • in a digital installation that will be placed in a significant place in the City;
  • on this website.